Relaxation and theatrical improvisation workshop for children

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This complete and fun workshop promotes self-confidence, managing your emotions, concentration and listening (to yourself and others) while developing creativity while having fun together.
Relaxation and improvisation games allow you to create a positive and creative state of mind by removing tensions and fears, to anchor your self-confidence and thus to assert yourself and progress with others with vitality and enthusiasm.

The relaxation exercises are specifically adapted for children. They allow you to release tension and stress, to let go while promoting concentration.
Children can easily learn these techniques and reuse them later in their everyday lives, in class or when they feel the need to promote calm, concentration or appeasement.

Theatrical improvisation games allow you to free yourself, explore your emotions and mobilize them in a creative way, to invent, to surpass your limits while playing. These group activities also allow you to learn to look at others, see the group as an enrichment where the child can find his place, assert himself and progress with others in caring exchanges.

Every Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (except school holidays).


From: 08 / 11 / 2023 To: 20 / 12 / 2023

From: 10 / 01 / 2024 To: 21 / 02 / 2024

From: 13 / 03 / 2024 To: 17 / 04 / 2024

From: 08 / 05 / 2024 To: 03 / 07 / 2024



  • Base rate: up to €15,00
  • Subscriber rate: up to €12,00

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  • French bank and postal checks
  • Cash


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