Sustainable development

The Tourist Office is committed to an environmental approach for any printed material, and also in its daily processes.

We limit our consumption thanks to:

  • Reinforced insulation of premises following renovation work undertaken in 2022,
  • Low consumption LEDs and bulbs for our lighting,
  • Switching off the lights during break times and when the Tourist Office is closed,
  • Reasonable prints in black and white and on both sides,
  • A limitation of the use of air conditioning (only if necessary),
  • A limitation of car use with travel by bike, on foot or as soon as possible by carpooling,
  • Maintenance of premises using labeled and ecological products,
  • Purchases made with local suppliers,
  • Planting Mediterranean species without the need for watering,
  • A toilet equipped with a dual-flow flush and presto sinks,
  • The presence of QR codes for satisfaction questionnaires,
  • Computers go to sleep after 2 minutes.

We reduce our waste and optimize
sorting using:

  • Unpacking of boxes that are recycled,
  • Recycling of print cartridges,
  • Management of document stocks adapted according to demand,
  • A recovery of newspapers for the project of a Bénodet association which raises funds for seniors in difficulty,
  • The use of microfibers, reusable sponges and cloths,
  • Waste sorting in the premises using three bins: glass, paper and plastics,
  • Using a cordless vacuum cleaner to avoid bags,
  • Using recycled paper to make scrap paper.Bénodet Tourist Office

We raise awareness among our visitors and partners
thanks to :

  • Processing of documentation requests in a dematerialized manner as much as possible (email and download possible on our website),
  • Information on means of public transport (bus, TER, pedestrian ferries, etc.) on our site and in our premises,
  • Distribution of brochures on sustainable development and eco-friendly actions,
  • Printing in collaboration with a PEFC, Imprim Vert and FSC certified printer,
  • The sale of walking tours in the communes of the Breton Riviera,
  • Raising awareness among socio-professionals about sustainable development (Newsletters, optimized distribution of documentation from the Tourist Office).