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Why choose between the sea and the countryside? Bénodet has both!

For a simple stroll or energetic hike, explore the paths of Bénodet.

Start by walking along the pretty path laid out from the cove of Penfoul, in the undergrowth, along the Odet river. Then, walk along the marina, as well as the old port. Take a leisurely stroll to Trez beach, which is Bénodet's main beach.

The coastal loop

The Coastal Loop runs along the four beaches of Bénodet and is accessible to everyone. Stroll along the boardwalks of the Promenade without ever taking your eyes off the sea: simply enjoy the variety of views and landscapes unfolding before your eyes.

Follow the banks of the River Odet, walking past its seaside villas, until you reach Pointe Saint-Gilles, with its breathtaking view of Benodet Bay and the Glénan archipelago. As you keep walking, you'll move from the coastal scenery into the heart of nature.

Discover untamed Bénodet at Le Letty with its 'Mer Blanche'. This unusual inland sea is a never-ending spectacle of surf, mesmerising in calm weather and thrilling when the waves crash and foam.

If you'd like to know more about the Coastal Loop in Benodet, take a look at the pictures on this French blog Ma Cornouaille.

If you're cycling, you'll be glad to know that part of the promenade is accessible by bike or mountain bike. Both the trails are traced on a FREE map available from the Tourist Office.

Other nearby circuits

Walks and hiking trails, including the GR34, are numerous in the region. If you wish to take other walks in Bénodet and its surroundings, you can discover the dedicated guide on sale at the tourist office. It identifies 250 km of trails in the 7 municipalities of the Breton Riviera (Bénodet, Fouesnant-Les Glénan, Forêt-Fouesnant-Port La Forêt, Gouesnac'h, Clohars-Fouesnant, Pleuven, Saint-Evarzec).

The guide of 30 circuits is on sale at 7€ and individual sheets cost 2€.


Cover of the Bénodet hiking guide

Come and explore the walks of Bénodet and the Breton Riviera!