Villa Magdalen

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Many visitors to Bénodet are curious about this 'beautiful white building, in the shape of an ocean liner'. Here is its story...


In 1926, when the Parisian Doctor Boyer decided to build a villa in Bénodet, he was granted an unusual favour from El Glaoui, the Pasha of Marrakech, who sent dozen workers to carry out the interior decoration.

The original villa was named Ker Magdalen, in honour of his wife Madeleine, and it is certainly an outstanding and unique piece of architecture. Originally, beneath the tower, there was a room called the 'Chamber of the Pasha, carefully decorated with mosaics, and there was even a steam room in the basement.

The exteriors are also very elegant, designed by an internationally renowned architect, Monsieur Laprade.

The black and white pebbles of Treguennec, as well as the pink pebbles of Ploumanac'h line the pool and form the fountain.

Doctor Boyer had the tower constructed a few years after the original construction, an addition that allowed him to enjoy breath-taking views of the coast and as far as Trévignon coastal point.

The villa of Professor Boyer, who died in 1951 and was childless, was subsequently purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Lozach. This couple makes it a hotel-restaurant.

The hotel (now gone) was called 'The Minaret', and many people still refer to the building by this name. The restaurant has now become The Alhambra.

The villa is private property but you can still admire it from the outside as you stroll along the coast.