Bénodet is an excellent starting point for discovering Finistère. Visiting Brittany is also an opportunity to stay in Bénodet, whatever the season of the year!

La Cornouaille, in southern Finistère, opens up its large natural spaces to you, as well as its colorful popular traditions. Cradled by the sea and the light, southern Finistère takes on the appearance of a small paradise for artists, sportsmen and all lovers of beauty and sweet delicacies.

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Here are our suggestions for places to discover for a day when you come to Bénodet and Finistère.


The Breton Riviera

The Breton Riviera is a real discovery for lovers of Brittany and Bénodet is its pearl!

A destination of tranquility and well-being, the Breton Riviera is the vacation spot par excellence. It offers an impressive range of varied landscapes: long sandy beaches, intimate coves, paradise islands, marinas...

It is also home to protected and natural sites, the best known of which is the Glénan archipelago. On this famous archipelago, the Narcisse des Glénan, is a unique flower in the world to discover in spring. In addition to its breathtaking landscapes, many possibilities of activities are possible: water sports, hiking, cycling, golf courses, thalassotherapy, casino...

The area has a wide range of accommodation (campsites, hotels, tourist residences, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals, etc.).
Welcome to Finistère's number one tourist destination! The Breton Riviera, a dream destination!

Bigouden Country

Just cross the Cornouaille bridge from Bénodet to discover the Pays Bigouden. Facing the port of Bénodet and accessible by small ferry in summer, the charming little port of Sainte-Marine reveals its charms.

This country is a land of character and traditions. He is famous for his 36 cm high headdress! Of course, these are the Bigoudènes!

Strolling along the coast, you will marvel at the power of nature and be amazed at the beauty and authenticity of the landscapes. Sliding sports enthusiasts will not miss the mythical spot of Pointe de la Torche.

Land of sinners, the four ports of Pays Bigouden, Saint-Guénolé-Penmarc'h, Le Guilvinec, Lesconil and Loctudy come alive every day with a curious ritual. Around 6 a.m. when the offshore fishing is landed, then around 16:30 p.m. when the coastal fishing boats return: time for the auction.

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Quimper, capital of Cornwall

Go up the Odet to reach Quimper and its city center, just 20 km from Bénodet. Classified city ​​of Art and History, Quimper has more than one marvel to share with you.

Explore the medieval town and its half-timbered houses from the 16th and 17th centuries, discover the Saint Corentin Cathedral, jewel of Breton Gothic art, the 19th century flower-bedecked footbridges, the museums, the district of Locmaria and its famous Henriot-Quimper pottery.

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La Pointe du Raz, welcome to the end of the world!

Less than an hour from Bénodet, the peninsula of Cap Sizun offers a concentrate of Brittany on a wild and preserved territory. White sandy beaches on the south coast, spectacular viewpoints on the Iroise seathen the island of Sein are all assets to discover. The points of Raz and Van in the west and finally the rough and preserved cliffs on the north coast are so many places to visit.

Your excursion in Cap-Sizun will remain a unique moment! On this gigantic playground, it's up to you to choose your atmosphere: sea side or land side?

In such a setting, carved and polished by the sea spray, storm after storm, you cannot fail to be sensitive to this world, which has organized itself and built ports and buildings of a maritime nature along its entire coastline. So during your stay in Bénodet, treat yourself to the end of the world!

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24 km from Bénodet by the coastal road, Concarneau is both a city of Art and History, an important fishing port and a seaside resort.

Heart of the city surrounded by fortifications, the Ville Close invites you to discover the past and stroll through its shopping streets.

The walk along the cornice offers a breathtaking view of the Baie de la Forêt, from the tip of Beg Meil ​​to La Forêt-Fouesnant via Cap Coz.


Listed as a Historic Monument since 1924, Locronan is one of the "Most Beautiful Villages of France" and is labeled " Small Town of Character in Brittany ».

All the houses dating from the 15th to the 18th century make Locronan a unique tourist destination. The charm of this small city, combined with the tourist interest it arouses, has attracted many artists and craftsmen.

At the bend of a street or a square, they invite the visitor to discover their universe within a workshop or a gallery.

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Aven bridge

Charming little town less than an hour from Bénodet, delights the eyes as much as the taste buds with its famous Pont-Aven galettes. We walk there in the green valley dotted with rocks, washhouses and mills.

In summer, commented cruises are possible on the Aven, and finally there are many galleries and artists.

The place is rich in heritage and colors. You will quickly understand why Paul Gauguin, Sérusier and the other artists have chosen such a resort!

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Former sardine capital rich in a picturesque urban heritage, Douarnenez is teeming with old canneries, houses of factory owners, families of fishermen and sardine factory workers, but also seaside villas dotted around the Tréboul district.

Douarnenez is a town well known for its fish canneries: Connétable and Petit Navire. It is also an important marina with Tréboul and Port-Rhu.

Two classified natural sites: the natural site of Plomarc'h and Tristan Island only accessible at low tide. Its museum houses an exceptional collection of boats of all traditions and origins on land and afloat. The bay of Douarnenez offers visitors its majestic landscapes and legendary sites such as the famous Ville Ys.

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The Crozon peninsula

The Crozon peninsula has an extraordinary range of landscapes ranging from steep cliffs to fine sandy beaches. It also has secret coves, points and majestic capes such as the Tas de Pois, the Pointe de Dinan...

The GR34 and the many other existing trails are one of the best ways to discover the natural and heritage riches of the Crozon peninsula. So many wonders that you will never tire of discovering about 1 hour from Bénodet!

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The Monts d'Arrée, the heart of Finistère

If, during your stay in Bénodet, curiosity drives you away from the coast, the Monts d'Arrée will reveal surprising landscapes to you. At the heart of Armorica Regional Nature Park, these reliefs immerse you in the Celtic imagination and its legends.

The landscape is breathtaking. Moors, heather, peat bogs and rocky ridges mingle as far as the eye can see. To see the Youdig of Mont-Saint-Michel, to attack the Tuchenn Kador, climb the Roc'h Trevezel and contemplate the breathtaking views of the country of Leon. Immerse yourself in legends during a storytelling walk, stroll through the granite chaos are all possibilities to apprehend these lands connoted with magic. The change of scenery is guaranteed!

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