Now famous as a seaside resort, Bénodet has long been appreciated for its particular location at the mouth of the River Odet. Indeed, its name in Breton means 'Head of the Odet'.

Throughout the Middle Ages, Bénodet served as a commercial outpost in Quimper for trading cereals, wines, canvas, wood, fish and other materials to be exported to Spain, Bordeaux, England or the Netherlands.

Bénodet's popularity as a seaside resort started in the late XNUMXs, when wealthy families discovered the joys of travelling for pleasure. Villas, castles and manor houses started to appear along the coast and the banks of the River Odet.

The first hotels came into being: Grand Hôtel, Hôtel de la Plage, Hôtel Ker Moor. The creation of alleys and promenades as well as the appearance of bathing cabins on Trez beach also constitute the first tourist developments in South Finistère.

The craze for 'sea bathing' and yachting meant that a rather elegant tourism industry developed here, helped by the rail connections to Quimper. Bénodet was no longer a small village of fishermen and farmers; it was blossoming into a seaside resort.

Talented writers, Émile Zola, André Suarez, Frédéric le Guyader, Guillaume Apollinaire, translated their emotions there. Many painters have idealized these moments of light and emotion such as André Dauchez, Lucien Simon, Eugène Boudin…

Enjoy a visit to Seaside Museum which retraces part of the history of Bénodet or board the Little Tourist Train for a guided tour of the city, the opportunity to learn about its history

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Discovery of Bénodet by Little Tourist Train

From mid-May to mid-September, explore Bénodet aboard the little tourist train. The opportunity to learn about the history of this village...

Musée du Bord de Mer

In Bénodet in Brittany, a whole art of seaside living is revealed in this pretty seaside museum. Discover temporary exhibitions...


Not surprisingly, given its location between the river and the ocean, Bénodet has two lighthouses.

The churches and the chapel

Bénodet has been blessed with a remarkable architectural heritage, so you'll often turn a corner to discover a beautiful surprise, perhaps even a hidden chapel.

Villa Magdalen

Many of you on vacation in Bénodet ask us about this "beautiful, atypical building, in the shape of a liner". Here is his story...