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Are you interested in a partnership with the Bénodet Tourist Office and its dynamic team?

Partner Guide 2024

partner guide

Find all the information about our services by downloading the Partner Guide!

registration forms according to your sector of activity

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Membership form Video broadcast on our partner screen at the Tourist Office.

Membership form for Furnished Tourism Services

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Membership form for External Professionals in Bénodet

Do you want to be a guest card partner?

As a partner of the Bénodet Tourist Office, benefit from additional visibility by becoming a partner of the guest card.

Advantages :

  • Be part of a project unique in Finistère.
  • It is an additional tool for your communication, you increase thus your visibilite with our vacationers.
  •  The guest card is distributed by the tourist office and also by a large number of hosts.
  • On a voluntary basis, you are free to choose your offer (gift, discount, etc.) and its duration.
  •  No financial contribution is not requested, it is included in your partnership with the Tourist Office.

Who is the guest card for?

This card is available and distributed at the Tourist Office for anyone staying for a fee (ie payment of tourist tax), minimum one night in the town. Hosting partners will also be able to distribute it to their client. Please make the request to the OT. It's a way of having a privileged contact with the vacationer, of giving him importance and in a way of making him loyal to our destination. If you wish to receive additional information, please contact us.

You can also visit the page dedicated to the public.

you have one or more furnished rentals and you want to become partners

As a new project leader, you will find all the necessary information by downloading host guide. For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact the Tourist Office.

Membership form for Furnished Tourism Services

Also take the time to consult the Guide to Furnished Tourist Accommodation to learn more about the classification methods, the legal framework and the declaration of the tourist tax.