Sustainable development

The Tourist Office is committed to an environmental approach in its impressions but also in its daily life.

The ten commandments of an environmental approach:

  • The editions are printed in collaboration with a PEFC-certified printer (program for the recognition of forest certifications).
  • The brochures are dematerialized and downloadable on our website
  • Selective sorting of waste is carried out by all staff.
  • The printing of documents is reasoned, the recto/verso being favoured.
  • The staff uses recycled paper to use as drafts.
  • Lights are turned off in unoccupied rooms.
  • Substantial work was undertaken in 2022 and made it possible to reinforce the insulation of the premises.
  • Air conditioning is used as little as possible.
  • The lighting consists of low consumption LEDs.
  • Staff travel by electric car or on foot.

Sustainable Development